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Some pix from our fox hunt to find a jamming TX located in downtown Chicago. All are taken from the John Hancock building (where the TX was found), either on the roof, or in the commercial broadcast transmitter rooms there.
Note that these are scanned photographs, and needed a decent scan resolution to be seen clearly. Most were scanned at 150 dpi. If you have only a 640x480 screen, you may have to pan with your browser to see the entire image. Also, since JPEG files are 16M colors, if your video card is only delivering 256 colors you may see some blotching effects from your browser's dithering algorithm to reduce the color for your video card. Screens with less than 256 colors will probably be a waste of time trying to view photographs.
The size of the image, as well as the download size of the file are listed after each thumbnail.

thumbnail (900x600 - 41KB) Fox hunt team on the roof of the John Hancock building in downtown Chicago. From l-r, Seth (from the comm. site management), K9IIM, N9QPD, KY0Q, N9EHA, N9WPD, and behind the lens for all of these pictures, KB9KMW.

thumbnail (900x600 - 44KB) View of some some of the antennas mounted to the building itself on the south side of the roof. Needless to say, we experienced a small amount of intermod while standing here.

thumbnail (900x600 - 37KB) View straight up from the base of one of the combined antenna supports.

thumbnail (900x600 - 48KB) Front view of the final power amplifiers for several Chicago broadcast stations.

thumbnail (600x900 - 38KB) Rear view of the same power amplifiers, with wave guides feeding combiners.

thumbnail (1800x1200 - 100KB) View north, from the roof of the building. Huge file size is due to a 300 dpi scan, but you can see a fair amount of detail on this one, it was worth the extra file size.

thumbnail (900x600 - 26KB) View south, looking out the window of the transmitter room.