SARC Repeaters

SARC operates the (2) K9IIK/R repeaters:

2m - 145.23 MHz, (-600 KHz input), PL=107.2 Hz (1B)
70cm - 442.275 MHz, (+5 MHz input), PL=114.8 Hz (2A)

And the N9RJV/R repeater:

70cm - 444.125 MHz, (+5 MHz input), PL=114.8 Hz (2A)
Weekly Nets

The weekly information net runs every Thursday night, at 8 PM local time. The exception is the 3rd Thursday, when the SARC regular club meeting is taking place. You do not need to be a club or repeater member to check in, all licensed hams are encouraged to check in to the net. Check in and see how you sound. We usually run newsline every week, so you can stay up to date on current ham radio events. We also run a "swap meet" on the air, so you can buy, sell, or trade any ham radio related equipment. The only thing we require is that you do not mention any prices over the air.

Like to run one of the weekly nets yourself?

It's not as hard as you think. You don't have to tackle it from memory, you can print out and use the SARC net script to read from, and things should go smoothly. If you've listened to a few nets, and you have an idea of how things run, volunteer to try running the net one week, and see how easy it really is.