SARC in the Park Starts May 11

By Paul KD9FMN

Tonight, Howard ran another great [New Ham] net. The topic was on what to bring to a SARC in the PARK activity. I was asked to prepare a list of items that one needs to bring with them to have a successful QSO day. The list can be very short or quite extensive depending on the type of communications you want to do. The usual things such as a HAM radio, power source, an antenna, coax,  and coffee. For CW you need to bring your Key and perhaps a set of headphones. The simpler the set-up makes the day more enjoyable. KISS!

I have found that the ARRL has a very good list of items needed for POTA activations, another site is here
I hope this helps those of us that are new to outdoor activations and spurs more members to come to our first SARC in the PARK on May 11, 2024 at the Schaumburg CRC facility at 505 N. Springinsguth Road, Schaumburg, IL.


This article originated as a discussion on our mailing list SARC-All.

Local Radio Tower History

Our club has an active email reflector (SARC-All) which discusses all things related to radio as well as club business. From time to time we post excerpts from some of the general radio discussions.

Kirk K9MSG started the discussion

Recently I’ve been near the southeast corner of Bloomingdale [Illinois – Ed.]. I’ve often looked up and across Army Trail Rd with curiosity at the pair of huge antennas sitting just inside Glendale Heights (between Bloomingdale and Glen Ellyn roads).  The 20+ acre lot has an impressive old brick building at the entrance that I imagined might be full of stories.  [Map – Ed.]

I finally got around to researching the site and it is certainly full of history that few may know!  Among the many stories…

  1. It was home to Chicago’s pioneering radio station over 100 years ago; KYW (fun to find that my great aunt performed in the 1920’s on that station
  2. It was the long-time home of WMAQ 670 at 50,000 watts
  3. On the site still stands a large, self-supporting, historic antenna which was first used in Cleveland before going on display at the NY World’s Fair in 1939 and then ending up here to become WMAQ’s emergency antenna when their original antenna collapsed in 1949.

If this is interesting to you, you might like to read this brief article which is one of the better ones that I found.

Cliff K9QD then brought the transmitter’s history into the club’s activities

Thanks for the history!

Interestingly WMAQ’s Continental 317C3 was sold for scrap and it was fortunate to find a fellow ham displaying its final tank coil at a Sandwich Hamfest.

  • Just had to have it….so it’s now employed as part of a crystal radio’s greatly-oversized tank circuit.

WMAQ’s EF Johnson final tank coil is still doing its thing on the broadcast band thanks to a long wire out to the trees.

[Cliff discusses the radio in the following video – Ed.]

Video credits: 

  1. Dave K9KBM and Rob N9MVO in charge of video production.
  2. Kent W9KAO winding one of our orange Construction Project extension cords in the background.
  3. Charles (SK) N5HSR finishes his own set’s tank winding.
  4. Mel W9FRT (SK) supplied the giant variable cap (B-17 antenna tuner).

Fun stuff.

Construction Project February 10, 2023


We generally find equipment randomly coming through the door for repair and/or calibration. SARC is blessed to have rather extensive test equipment/parts and more importantly are blessed with several members with really good technical skills to find and solve circuit challenges.

Over the years there have been many pre-organized construction projects that include battery chargers, patch-cable assembly of various lengths, Fox Hunt Attenuators, Antenna fabrication, and even repaired an electric razor that wouldn’t function! We don’t do TVs or HiFi (consumer electronics) for the most part but have allowed limited bending of the rules that allowed some folks who brought-in their non-Ham items for scrutiny and resurrection.

The Project Proposal Process originates during Business Meetings to get an indication on the club’s level of interest before we start PCB layout and parts procurement.

Holiday Party January 21, 2023

by John KD9KSH

The Holiday party is usually an event where we are able to talk with our SARC friends and make new friends.   SARC has been lucky to have new members join the club and this is a great opportunity to get to know them.   This event is only open to SARC members and their wives or partners.   This year the party is scheduled to take place at a new location.  We will still have a private room and be able to have a great dinner at a good price.




              TIME:  4:30 PM TO 8:00 PM

The plated dinner will include the following:


              Cost:  $28.00 per person which includes the 12% tax and 20% tip.

Note:  Any drinks other than coffee will be the responsibility of the individual customer.

To attend this wonderful event, send a check made out to SARC by January 5th to:


[Members use the Member Roster to find John’s address – Ed.]

I will send an acknowledgement to each participant to provide you with insurance that your check was received.  Note that the room holds 45 people so I suggest that you send your check as soon as possible.

Awards will be provided to the MEMBER OF THE YEAR and for NET ATTENDENCE.   Member need not be present to win the award.

This party will be in place of the January meeting.

Best regards,

John – KD9KSH


Heat Sink Milling for Dummy Load

During a recent construction project club members built dummy loads for testing radios. The loads required a heat sink and club member Bob W9GEW provided materials and machine time from his business to help produce those. He provided this video of the machining process.