Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting February 21, 2019

Geoff Stevens KA9QGH President called the meeting to order at 7:17 PM.

Rebecca KA9EFE brought some bakery items tonight that disappeared quickly.


Mel Luxenberg W9FRT Danny Kafka VP KD9HIL Geoff Stevens KA9QGH
Kent Ochs W9KAO Rob Glowacki N9MVO Burt Shultz AB9CV
Rick Cook KC9PLO Geoff Stevens KA9QGH Doug May W9YFC
Dick Mirdell Mike Griffiths KD9KMV Robert Kocourek W9RKK
John Zietlow K9WIC Bill Crockett KD9AUP Terry Jarholm AE9TJ
Edward Lishka AC9SD Dennis Calvey KD9HIK Bob McIntyre W9DXR
Chris Brewer AC9GN Roberto Beltramelli WA9E Cliff Sowka K9QD

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Brewer AC9GN reported:

Beginning Balance           $5,133.26

Income                                 $              0

Expense                               $   106.97  ($60.42 Data Line, $46.55 club raffle prizes)

Ending Balance                  $5,026.29

Current fully-paid membership: 75

President’s Report

Geoff KA9QGH provided the following report: Encouraged membership to promote diversity in Ham Radio operating modes.  New digital modes are fun and there seems to be growing interest in CW as well.   Leo N9NBH has been helping to encourage new Ham License students in joining a local radio club to encourage mentoring and knowledge-building in understanding the myriad technologies available.


Dennis Calvey KD9HIK no report.

SARC Repeaters 

Rob N9MVO related his discovery and correction of the 2M machine’s disabled modem due to the Village’s effort to clean the floor.  Cabinets were moved without disconnecting the telephone line therefore pulling the modem’s power cord loose.  Kent W9KAO commented the 440 machine has a somewhat low audio excitation that may be related to either frequency offset or line attenuation.  The machine is useful as a stand-alone resource but suffers sub-standard audio transmission on the 2M link traffic.


Bob Benwitz N9JAX not present.

Secretary’s Report

Cliff Sowka K9QD:  Approval of Meeting Minutes as published on our website.

The 2019 State of Illinois Annual Report for SARC 501c3 Corporate status is completed and required $10 filing fee submitted.

State of Illinois Agent of Record is currently K9QD and will need to transition to Ken KD9HIJ when he returns later this quarter.


John Zietlow K9WIC EMCOMM Chairman reminded May 19th is the Chicagoland Marathon.  April 28th Illinois simulation exercise.

Upcoming on June 21st there will be a National organization hosting a Wide Area Unified Command exercise by Ham Radio Operators.

There will be a joint exercise involving multiple communities and agencies during the week of June 17-21, 2019.  This exercise will likely include amateur radio participation.  It should be noted that time is the week leading up to Field Day.

Construction Project (CP)

Meeting this coming Saturday is on schedule.  Previously informed our membership the Board approved $200 headroom to procure some new parts cabinets/drawers that allow storage of larger components Ron Remus WB9PTA has obtained recently.  Ron spent several hours sorting through large amounts of bulk transistors and they are now ready for new drawer organization.  Search on the web indicates the metal-sided cabinets are very expensive (more than $65 each) so we may opt for the plastic-sided versions as long as the drawers will allow larger items and the cabinet is capable of reasonable handling.  Search for appropriate cabinets still underway.

The current Park District Free-Rental Agreement for the basement facility needs to be renewed.  Vince Kennedy has retired and the ladies at the front desk of the Tennis Club told us Richard Ward was the new Superintendent.  We will need to renew our insurance rider as well.


John Douglas KD9KSH will assume Social Chairman Role for 2019.


Leo N9NBH not present but previously reported winter General Class has concluded with two students already taking their exam.  Potential for Tech Class in the fall and Leo has to notify and reserve the Library about 60 days in advance.  None of tonight’s attendees indicated interest in hosting classes for General or Extra at the moment.

VE Testing   

John AC9JS not present but previously reported VE Tests Results for February, 2019

Name Call Class
Lathan, James KD9MGU General
Motoki, Yoshinori KD9MGT General
Bovio, Joseph KD9MKO Technician
Housour, Barry KD9MKP General
Cabana, Virgilio KD9MKQ Technician


Technician 2
General 3
Extra 0
Failed to Upgrade 0
Total 5

Next examination date: March 2, 2019


Matt AC9IG has been publishing club meeting minutes and activities on his newly-designed website.  Matt wishes a new Editor will come forward to assume RHG publication responsibility.

Public Service

Rob N9MVO reported MS Walk is moving all the way to Roselle this spring and set for the first weekend of May.  July events Hoffman Estates Fourth and Schaumburg Triathalon Chicagoland Marathon will be handled by the EMCOMM team.    


Cliff Sowka K9QD reports no presentation is on the schedule for March and a new Program Chair will need to organize something for that month.   John K9WIC will present Emergency Communications Basics tonight as the introductory portion of his plan for several more formal educational communications elements during the year.


Reminder that the Salvation Army has been successfully using our 2M machine for their Monday Night Nets and they have been announcing their gratitude for the SARC Group’s hospitality.

2M Machine is working fine and EchoLink is functional again since Rob N9MVO restored the modem’s power loss.

Ebay Sales

No eBay sales to report

Old Business


New Business – Hereby Invoking Required 30-Day Notice Provision

Committee asks membership to approve mechanism presented to the Board of Directors during February session that allows the club to remove an undesirable member(s).

Two separate proposals:

Article III Section 5

Revocation of Membership for cause will be considered in a method specified by the Board of Directors

Article VIII   Section 3

No member shall act in an official capacity on behalf of SARC or allocate/order emergency funding without having prior approval of three (3) members of the Board of Directors.

Adjourn  8:33 PM

Submitted: February 22, 2019 by Cliff Sowka K9QD during the prearranged absence of Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ, Secretary.