Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting April 3, 2019

Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting April 3, 2019

Leo Ribordy N9NBH Chairman opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.



Leo Ribordy N9NBH John Douglas KD9KSH Dennis C Calvey KD9HIK
Frank Giampa N9QPD Robert Kocourek W9RKK Danny Kafka KD9HIL
Edward Lishka AC9SD Geoff Stevens KA9QGH Chris Brewer AC9GN
Kent Ochs W9KAO Cliff Sowka K9QD

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Brewer AC9GN reported current financials:

Beginning Balance $5,307.76

Income $        0.00

Expense $    348.53  ($61.53 Data Line, Field Day Reimbursement, new CP parts bins).

Ending Balance $4,959.23

Current fully-paid membership: 75

President’s Report

Geoff KA9QGH reminded the group that we will be looking forward to field day shortly.  Discussion centered around details of contacting the Village for Permit Approval, Insurance Rider, organization specifics and communicating with the relevant Village officials.




Dennis Calvey KD9HIK reported he had forwarded proposed text for a new Press Release to the Board but no receipts/feedback was observed.  Danny KD9HIL remarked she is also not receiving SARC-BD traffic. Both need to be added to the SARC-BD Reflector.

Dennis received Board Approval tonight for a short article [Frank moved, Danny Seconded, motion passed] he authored:

Every year an unseen army of volunteers donate thousands of hours of time to provide communication services at public events and during disasters.

The Amateur Radio, commonly known as “Ham Radio”, community in the United States has over 755,000 FCC operators licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  They’re involved in many types of activities ranging from extremely low power systems, bouncing signals off the moon or meteor trails, participating in contests, and developing new technologies.

One area of active participation is support for organizers and agencies during public events like parades or marathons.

The Schaumburg Amateur Radio Association (SARC) provides trained volunteer operators for Public Service Events like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk-a-Thon, the Hoffman Estates 4th of July parade, and the Schaumburg Triathlon.

Rob Glowacki (FCC Radio Call Sign N9MVO), Public Service Chair for SARC, recorded close to 200 hours of volunteer time in 2018 from SARC members.  Rob explains that the volunteers typically use their own equipment to provide extra eyes and ears for event organizers as well as public safety agencies such as Police, Fire, and Paramedics.

This helps leverage public safety agency effectiveness without adding cost to taxpayers or event organizers.

Rob also points out that that the Ham radio operators also use these events to practice skills necessary for another type of volunteer service, providing Emergency Communications (EMCOMM) during disaster events.

Besides supporting Public Service Events, SARC offers a variety of activities for Ham operators as well those interested in becoming a Ham.  For more information check out their website, or leave a message at (224) 698-1072.

Dennis C. Calvey  KD9HIK

SARC Repeaters  

Rob N9MVO and Terry AE9TJ not present. Chis AC9GN hasn’t been contacted for reimbursement of newly-authorized SPARES purchases at the moment but we believe some equipment has already been procured with more to be acquired.  The Board had previously approved expenditures for various Repeater items such as Lightning suppressors, controller modules, etc.

Secretary’s Report

Cliff Sowka K9QD:   Approval of March’s BOD Minutes as published on our website.

State of Illinois Agent of Record is currently K9QD and will need to transition to KD9HIJ when he returns later this quarter.


John Zietlow K9WIC EMCOMM Chairman not present.

Construction Project (CP)

No Report.

There are two CP sessions remaining during the month of April after which time the club’s CP events conclude until activating again in September 2019.


John Douglas KD9KSH has taken control of the Social Chairman Role for 2019.  Discussed a possible spring activity such as a Boomer Game and will check costs, seating options, dates.  Regarding Public Service events, John observed there were about 60 people last year from Chicago for the MS Walk who arrived at the event only to find there were insufficient porta-potty facilities.  MS Walk responsibility for the participant’s needs was not evident.


Leo N9NBH will be conducting a Technician Class with the Library District for the fall timeframe.  Library requires 6 months advance notice so Leo will submit his class announcement in time for publication.

VE Testing   

Ed Lishka AC9SD reported the March session results:  Passed 3 Technician, 2 General, 1 Extra.

RHG:  Matt AC9IG continues editor role until a new editor for 2019 can be appointed.

Membership Committee

For the month of March there were no inquiries responded to or any other significant activities to report.

Bob Benwitz  N9JAX


Leo N9NBH reported the NETS have been conducted as planned.  

Public Service

Rob N9MVO not present but previously reported the MS Walk has changed the venue for the event in 2019.  More details will become known as the spring approaches for the Roselle event May 5th.


Cliff Sowka K9QD reminded a new SARC Program Chair needs to be selected for 2019.  Nothing is scheduled for the April Business meeting at the moment.

Ebay Sales

No eBay sales to report.  

Old Business

30 Day advance notice has been properly given for proposed Bylaw changes to be subsequently affirmed in a future Special Session; currently targeted to be called after the April Business Meeting concludes.

Frank N9QPD reported there are internal discussions ongoing where a more definitive set of BOD guidelines could be crafted as a resolution per Article III Section 5 if passed during a Special Session in April.

Article III Section 5

Revocation of Membership for cause will be considered in a method specified by the Board of Directors 

Article VIII   Section 3

No member shall act in an official capacity on behalf of SARC or allocate/order emergency funding without having prior approval of three (3) members of the Board of Directors.

New Business

Leo N9NBH mentioned Bill Crockett KD9AUP has a 900 MHz Repeater available for donation. We may be able to replace our current linking configuration if we had two [927.55 MHz] Repeaters.  Leo will check for possibilities.

Geoff KA9QGH mentioned we need a Field Day Chair.  We also need to update our insurance rider to include the FD site and also add an updated rider for the Park District basement Zero-Rent Agreement which expired last fall.

Adjourn 8:35 PM

Submitted:  April 4, 2019 by Cliff Sowka K9QD during the prearranged absence of Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ, Secretary.