Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting September 4th, 2019

Board of Directors Meeting,  4 September 2019

Chairman Leo Ribordy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and noted that there is a quorum with all five Directors in attendance.


Dirk Smith W0RI///Frank Giampa N9QPD///Danny Kafka KD9HIL///Chris Brewer AC9GN///

Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ///John Douglas KD9KSH///Edward Lishka AC9SD///

Geoff Stevens KA9QGH///Burt Schultz AB9CV///John Zietlow K9WIC///Leo Ribordy N9NBH///

Kent Ochs W9KAO///Cliff Sowka K9QD///and Dennis Calvey KD9HIK///

Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning balance: $6338.28

Income:                     None

Expense:                    $ 167.53 ($61.53 data line)

Ending balance:        $6165.75

Current number of fully paid members: 67

A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded By Burt AB9CV. Motion carried.

President’s Report:

The Technician Class is full and scheduled to begin Saturday 7 September. The Club has retrieved the last section of the donated tower and the Club now has a 65 foot Rohn 45 tower for sale.

Burt AB9CV has suggested that we consider donating it to some community who lost theirs in the hurricane. Leo N9NBH will be looking into possibly putting it on Craig’s list or even advertising it on QRZ.COM. Another possibility is contacting the Salvation Army.

Elections will be coming up in November. A check of all in attendance showed that all are interested in staying in their position. Leo N9NBH and Ed AC9SD will be calling the membership to see if there is any interest in running for the open positions.

Secretary’s Report:

Approval of the last BOD minutes as published in the RHG. A motion to accept was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Burt AB9CV. The motion carried.


Dennis KD9HIK has put together a public relations blurb for publishing in relation to the Schaumburg Public Safety open house on Saturday 5 October. That is attached to these notes. John K9WIC has suggested we only publish “SARC will be participating”.

Dennis has also acquired at his expense some brochures relative to ham radio and the cost of the brochures is his donation to the Club.


John K9WIC has written a memorandum of the EMCOMM group for September 2019. That memorandum is attached to these notes. A motion to make John the official liaison between the Club and Bill Clark  was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Dirk W0RI. The motion carried.


John KD9KSH reports that we have 26 people signed up for the Club dinner on 29 September and we have room for 14 more. He is also making a second request for member’s favorite web sites for publishing on the Club web site.


Leo’s Technician class begins this Saturday 7 September with a full class and instructors lined up.

VE Testing:

No report.

Public Service:

No report.


No report.


The RHG is available for reading on the Club website.

EBay Sales:



We will have to check with Rob N9MVO to determine the status of the repeater at the water tower. John K9WIC says it’s time to disable and pull out the repeater that is at the hospital. There is no control operator and they have not provided us with an internet connection. Leo N9NBH will contact the hospital and determine who the contact person is and if this situation can be remedied or if we do have to pull the repeater.

Old Business:

John KD9KSH purchased from the Club an IC720 radio that hadn’t been checked to determine if it was functional. This was due to a shortage of time. An effort to have another Club member fix it was to no avail. After nine months the radio is still not functional. A motion to reimburse John $230.00 was made by Burt AB9CV and seconded by Geoff KA9QGH with the understanding that the radio and parts be returned to the Club prior to the Belvidere Ham Fest. The motion carried.

Chris AC9GN wrote a check and presented same to John. Kent W9KAO will contact the POD company to remove the POD before incurring additional charges.


Bob N9JAX had three contacts during August either by phone or email. On 12 August Tom KD9KF needed help accessing the membership directory. On 26 August Juan Alvarez (no call sign) needed advice on choosing a hand held radio. And on 27 August Maurice (no last name given/no call sign) needed information on the upcoming Tech  class.

New Business:

Chris AC9GN will purchase an insurance renewal rider for the Park District Tennis Club.  Once that is done, Cliff K9QD with the rider in hand will meet with the new Park District Manager to gain his approval. A motion to allow Cliff to speak for the Club was made by Kent W9KAO and seconded by Frank N9QPD. The motion carried.

The first construction project is set for 28 September. There will be a special construction project meeting on Saturday 21 September at the tennis club for the purpose of sorting, viewing and bidding on the Items available before the Belvidere Ham Fest on 29 September. Chris AC9GN will be on hand to handle the money transactions.

Motion to Adjourn:

With no further business to conduct a motion to adjourn was made by Ken KD9HIJ and seconded by Burt AB9CV. The motion carried and Leo N9NBH adjourned the meeting at 8:43 pm.

Respectfully submitted 5 August 2019,

Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ