Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting March 19th 2020

Schaumburg Business Meeting       March 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the monthly meeting was cancelled and therefore no actual minutes available.

However, Cliff K9QD was able to provide an abridged version based off of email traffic passed through the club’s group email distribution list.

No Business Meeting

EMCOM, VE, and NET Activity Updated


March 2020



John Zietlow K9WIC informed our Village of Schaumburg Emergency Simulation scheduled for April 14th has been postponed.


VE Testing:


John Schofield AC9JS posted results for March:


VE Tests Results for March 7, 2020



Name Call Class
Hugh WB9VWM Extra
Barry KD9MKP Extra
Joseph AC9WS Extra



Technician 0
General 0
Extra 3
Total 3



Joseph, AC9WS, passed the Technician, General, and Extra exams in

one session.



Participating Volunteer Examiners (VEs):


Bill Davies K9WKD
Steve Karson AC9EM
Ed Lishka AC9SD
James Migalla KC9UFB
William Riess KW9WR
John Schofield AC9JS
Will Sperling W9WSS





Steve AC9EM reported March 5th Net activity. Thanks everyone, for checking into our SARC NET last Thursday.   24 people checked in!!!


The question of the night:  Are you doing anything special to prepare for the Coronavirus outbreak?  We received lots of amusing responses.


Remember your check-in is important and your traffic always welcome.  Also, a lot more interesting than the basic Net Script…  We want to hear from you…


Tonight’s check-ins include:


KD9KSH John N9NBH Leo W9RKK   Robert
K9EYE Pierre KD9HIK Dennis KB9RHR Darryl
KD9OSW Jim KD9FIA Al WA9E Roberto
AC9SD Ed KD9OLI Howard N9QGV Tom
AC9EM Steve Net Control N9FJM Fred K9KQX Mike
N9POL Pete K9KMV Mike W9YY Jack


Tech Net March 3rd report from Mike Sorensen K9KQX

Good evening,


Tonight I ran the tech net and had 14 Check-ins not including myself.  Pretty good turn-out I must say.


The question suggested by Dave Sims K9KBM, What suggestions do you have for Fall Construction Event later this year.

Below are some of the suggestions


Frequency Counter

Antenna Analyzer

Signal Generator


Powered Speaker for Ham Rig with DSP processing

Power Supply

Magic Box which handled remote control of a rig from frequency up and down, PTT functions from Foot switch, and headset- this is something Pierre K9EYE has

Magnetic Loop construction



Check-ins tonight were:


Dave K9KBM John KD9KSH George KD9JBS
Robert W9RKK Daryl KB9RHR Ed AC9SD
Jim KD9OSW Bill W9WEM Rick KY0Q
John K9WIC Roberto WA9E Pierre K9EYE
Mike K9KQX  – net control    


Leo N9NBH hosted the March 12th Net.


Thank you to all who checked in to the net this evening.


The question for the evening was: Ladder line is used to reduce transmission line loss.


Will ladder line work on the UHF and VHF frequencies?


W9RKK                Robert K9EYE                 Pierre KD9OLI                Howard
KB9RGU              Jim K9QD                   Cliff KD9FIA                 Al
K9KQX                 Mike KD9HIK                Dennis W9YY                   Jack
KD9EPZ                Al W9YFC                 Doug NI9NE                  Paul
KB9RHR               Darryl N9LTW                 Lou KD9KSH               John
KD9NJR              Don N9NBH                 Leo KD9NZP               Dennis
WA9E                  Roberto W9AS                   Darren N9POL                 Pete
KB9QVX              Kevin KC9NMW            Tim N9MVO               Rob
KC9AZJ               Tom KD9MBR              Dane


Leo N9NBH Reported March 17th Net Activity:


I want to thank the following hams who checked into the net this evening.

We discussed cross band repeaters, maybe start experimenting with digital

modes on the 6 meter or 10 meter bands.  If you have some ideas send me

an email.


K9KMD                Kevin W9RKK                Robert KB9RHR              Darryl
KY0Q                   Rick W0RI                    Dirk KC9NMW             Tim
K9JTE                   James K9EYE                  Pierre KD9KSH               John
WA9E                    Roberto K9KQX                  Mike KD9HIK                 Dennis
N9MVO                 Rob N9NBH                 Leo  (net control)





Thursday March 19, 2020


Cliff Sowka K9QD Interim Secretary