Club Contest – Field Day From Home

Unfortunately the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will not allow us to hold Field Day in the traditional way this year. The ARRL has issued Temporary Rule Waivers for the 2020 event as well as Field Day 2020 FAQs to allow the event to continue in a safe, socially distant way. Highlights include:

  • Class D (home) stations can now contact other Class D stations for QSO credit.
  • Club scores will be aggregated. Use your own call sign and submit your score with the club “Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club” (no abbreviations) to the ARRL.

Taking into account the modified rules the club’s board has diverted funds typically used for field day equipment and food and created a club-wide contest including prizes.

The Rules

  • All ARRL field day rules must be followed. You may also wish to review the Temporary Rule Waivers and Field Day 2020 FAQ
  • Only individual operators that are a paid club member for 2019-2020 may enter
  • Entries will be judged by a committee of Board Members/Officers/Members who are not entered in the contest

Entry Categories

  • Two power categories: Regular and QRP (5 watts or less)
  • Three modes: Voice, CW, Digital


  • Prizes for each of the six groups listed above
    • First $50 Visa gift card
    • Second $25 Visa gift card
    • Third $15 Visa gift card
  • Only one prize will be awarded per person.

Logs and entry

  • Operators must submit logs as follows by 20:59 UTC July 28, 2020
    • To SARC and electronic log, score, entry category
      • SARC will provide a form on their web site to submit this information
    • And proof of ARRL Field Day submission
      • This is a confirmation number emailed from ARRL
      • The club name for your ARRL submission must be “Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club