Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting February 18th, 2021

Schaumburg Business Meeting       February 18, 2021

Virtual Meeting  Community Recreation Center Remains Closed

 February 18, 2021

Geoff Stevens KA9QGH President called the virtual meeting to order at 7:01PM



Danny Kafka  KD9HIL Rob Glowacki  N9MVO Charlene K9CMZ
Terry AE9TJ Geoff Stevens KA9QGH Leo Ribordy N9MBH
Ed Liska  AC9SD R. Kocourek W9RKK Pierre Berube K9EYE
John Zietlow  K9WIC Garrett K9GBN Burt Schultz AB9CV
Jack McClurkin W9YY Russ Schmidt KC9NUV Bob McIntire W9DXR
Jim WE9PP Jim Campbell KB9RGU Steve Karson AC9EM
Roberto WA9E Joseph KB9RCR Don Dewar  KD9NJR
Cliff Sowka K9QD Kevin KB9QVX Bruce Warrington N9EHA
Daryl KB9RHR Lou N9LTW

Secretary’s Report:


Cliff Sowka K9QD informed January’s Minutes were successfully published in the Radio Hill Gazette (RHG).  Burt AB9CV moved to approve, Danny KD9HIL seconded.  So moved.  K9QD’s personal expense in submitting state annual report has been reimbursed.


Treasurer’s Report:


John Zietlow K9WIC reports current finances:


Bank Balance  1-Jan  $6,591.57

INCOME  $115.00
11-Jan  $20.00 unknown
29-Jan  $20.00 dues
29-Jan  $75.00 donation for FD  Hold for 2021
19-Jan  $62.82 data line
29-Jan $395.00 FD 2020 prizes
29-Jan  $10.00 annual report
Petty Cash  $144.20
FD Donations  $75.00 included in balance
Funds Available $6,382.95
As of February 18th, 103 paid members.    


Public Service:


Rob Glowacki N9MVO informed there is nothing to report at the moment.




John Zietlow K9WIC:


Tracy Raimondo, Schaumburg EC and Accreditation Manager, reached out to see if the Club would be willing to support the Village for the Chicagoland Marathon this year.

    • May 23, 2021
    • Starts 0700; we’re I place by 0630
    • Ends around 1330
    • How many would like to help?
  1. Simulated Emergency Test on May 1st.
    • Dooms Day scenario from 1000 to 1300
    • Emphasize KISS principle
    • Remote command post at a not-so-classified location in central Wisconsin
    • Establish procedures for local participation.
  2. Develop and practice new response procedures.
    • No self-deployment!
    • Self-actuating resource net
  1. Resource availability and capability
  2. Initial size-up of local conditions
    • Contact local EOCs to establish Auxcom requirements




Terry AE9TJ and Rob N9MVO discussed several technical challenges as reported by Pierre K9EYE regarding EchoLink operations in new business (below).  Terry has received several repeater spares he ordered and has been reimbursed for expenses.    Refreshing of the memory cards can be accomplished with the new spares and the machine’s recording ability should be renewed to avoid catastrophic wear (tunneling) that NAND FLASH suffers.


Construction Project:


Periodic Saturday morning meetings have resumed.  The Park District has allowed a maximum gathering of 10 people and Don Dewar KD9RHR has been managing an internal SARC-ALL reservation system where members can request a position and know their confirmation by the Friday morning before the next scheduled meeting.


VE Exams


Ed Liska AC9SD reported the Volunteer Exam team has successfully utilized the Tennis Club basement to conduct test sessions.  The VE Team submits testing candidate’s names beforehand to the front desk so they may confirm attendance upon entry to the facility.


Radio Hill Gazette  RHG


Mike Griffiths K9KMV no report.




Burt Schultz AB9C Chairman of the Board announced Daryl KB9RHR is now the Membership Chair and we appreciate his willingness to take charge of this important role.  Our website link will require updating so that new members will be able to invoke the inquiry link.




No current plans.




Leo N9NBH previously reported our training schedule will be on hiatus for the duration.




Steve Karson AC9EM submitted the following report for February 4th:


Thanks everyone, for checking into our Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club NET.  28 Hams checked in!!!  Question of the night:  Describe the current weather conditions of your QTH, and has the weather impacted your operating station, antenna, coax, etc.  In addition, Cliff K9QD provided a quick summary of the previous night’s SARC Board Meeting,   Ed, AC9SD reported that VE Testing sessions will recommence this Saturday at the Tennis Club.  Roberto, WA9E reported that the Dekalb Hamfest is still expected to happen on May 2.  Farther details were then provided on the Reflector. Several others also contributed to help make it an interesting Net.

Check-ins included:


N9IJS                     John

W9RKK                 Robert

K9CMZ                 Charlene

N9MVO                Rob

N9LTW                 Lou

K9EYE                    Pierre

WB9VWM           Hugh

KB9RGU               Jim

WA9VYT               Scott

K9QD                     Cliff

WB9UXN              Brent

AC9SD                   Ed

KD9PWI                Pat

KD9KSH                John

K9WIC                   John

N9NBH                 Leo

KD9POE                Mike

K9KMV                 Mike

KB9RHR                Daryl

KD9NJR                 Don

WA9E                    Roberto

KC9NMW             Tim

K9MKD                 Kevin

K9KQX                   Mike

N9JAX                   Bob

KC9NUV               Russ

KD9QQZ               George

AC9EM                 Steve Net Controller


Be Safe and Happy!!!


Steve Karson, AC9EM


Mike Griffiths filed the following TechNet report for February 9th.


Thanks to the following hams that checked in to the Tuesday Tech net.


Call Sign Name
N9IJS John
K9CMZ Charlene
W9RKK Robert
W9YY Jack
WA9E Roberto
KY0Q Rick
KB9RHR Daryl
K9MKD Kevin

K9KMV      Mike – net control


Topics discussed:

RFI from a plasma TV.

10 meter band conditions and best time of day to operate



Mike K9KMV


Leo N9NBH submitted the February 11th report:

Thank you to all the hams that checked into the net.  The question of the evening was:  How is your ham radio grounded?  The National Electrical Code does cover grounding, could not find info on the internet to attach to this email.  Attached are two military documents, from Department of Defense,  on what is required to ground devices and meet military standard.


  1.   N9NBH                Leo         net control
  2.   N9IJS                  John
  3.   N9MVO               Rob

4             K9KQX                 Mike

  1.   K9EYE                  Pierre
  2.   K9WIC                 John
  3.   KD9KSH              John
  4.   K9CMZ                Charlene
  5.   WB9UXN             Brent
  6.     N9LTW                 Lou
  7. WB9VWM           Hugh
  8.     KD9POE               Mike
  9.     K9QD                    Cliff
  10.     KB9RGU               Jim
  11.     W9YY                   Jack
  12.     KD9NJR                Don
  13.     AC9SD                  Ed
  14.     K9KMV                  Mike
  15.     KD9RGS                Tim
  16.     K9KBM                  Dave
  17.     WA9E                    Roberto
  18.     KD9PWI                Pat
  19.     WE9PP                  Jim
  20.     K9GBN                  Garrett
  21.     AC9VW                 David
  22.     W9WEM               Bill
  23.     KD9RGX                Bill
  24.     KC9NMW              Tim
  25.     KF5IV                     Owen
  26.     KD9FIA                  Al
  27.     KD9QAI                 Jody
  28.     W9RKK                  Robert


On Thursday, February 18, 2021, 07:01:52 PM CST, Leo Ribordy wrote:


Thank you to all the hams that checked into the net Tuesday evening.  The question of the evening was Have you ever built a Moxon Antenna?  What type of antenna’s have you built?  I am attaching two different types of Moxon antennas.  A 6 meter and a HAARP 2 meter Moxon.  If you google you can download the calculator to design a Moxon antenna.


  1.   W9RKK                Robert
  2.   N9IJS                   John
  3.   K9QD                   Cliff
  4.   KY0Q                    Rick
  5.   W9YY                   Jack
  6.   K9CMZ                 Charlene
  7.   WB9UXN             Brent
  8.   AC9SD                  Ed
  9.       K9KBM                Dave
  10.     W9WEM              Bill
  11.     KD9NJR                Don
  12.     WB9VWM            Hugh
  13.     WE9PP                  Jim
  14.     K9MKD                  Kevin
  15.     K9WIC                   John
  16.     KD9POE                Mike
  17.     KD9FMN                Paul
  18.     KD9KSH                John
  19.     K9KMV                  Mike
  20.     KB9RHR                Daryl
  21.     KD9QAI                 Jody
  22.     KC9NMW              Tim
  23.     N9NBH                Leo     net control




Dennis K9HIK No report.




No report.  Need Chairperson.


Old Business:




New Business:


Pierre K9EYE proposed the repeater’s EchoLink initial feature set-up can be edited to remove unnecessary verbal station ID.  Morning Drive-Time traffic is hindered by verbal ID’s being repeatedly transmitted once the initial wake-up response is heard.  There is likely a set-up edit in EchoLink to replace the verbal ID with CW instead.  Additionally, international stations should be encouraged to avoid QSOs on the machine during morning Drive-Time because local mobile stations may have limited travel time for conversations while the machine delay to handle those outside calls preempt easy hand-over.


Ask an Elmer




Repeater Ker chunk to ascertain a station’s ability to solidly hit the machine was discussed.  Such a test transmission is only legal when the testing station IDs properly.


Motion to Adjourn:


8:10 PM

Submitted Friday February 19, 2021

Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary