Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting February 17, 2022

Business Meeting February 17, 2022


John Zietlow K9WIC President called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.




John Zietlow  K9WIC Barry  Friedman K9FMB Cliff Sowka K9QD


Virtual Participants:


Daryl Jenks  KD9RHR Charlene Treve K9CMZ John Shofield AC9JS
Ed Lishka AC9SD Robert Kocourek W9RKK Leo Ribordy  N9NBH
Steve Karson AC9EM Rob Glowacki N9MVO


Brent Kaser WB9UXN
John Douglas  KD9KSH Joe Barela KB9RCR


Pierre  Berube K9EYE
Thom Beebe W9RY Doug W9YFC


Rob Glowacki N9MVO
Dennis  C. Calvey KD9HIK

Russ Schmidt KC9NUV

Danny Kafka KD9HIL Bob W9DXR

Kevin KB9QVX

Don Dewar  KD9NJR Doug Hansen WE9O Jim Campbell KB9RGU

Secretary’s Report:


Cliff Sowka K9QD:  Danny Kafka KD9HIL moved to approve the January Minutes as published in the Radio Hill Gazette (RHG) once John Zietlow’s K9WIC objection to the erroneous Construction Project minutes were corrected from January to February.  Ed Lishka AC9SD seconded.  So Moved.


Treasurer’s Report:

  Barry Friedman K9FMB provides this report:


Month:                                                 February

Bank Balance 1-Jan                          $6,804.69

INCOME MEMO                                $       0.00

DISBURSEMENTS MEMO               $       0.00

Checks Outstanding                        $       0.00

Deposit not included                      $       0.00

Account Balance                               $6,804.69

31-Jan Bank Statement                  $6,804.69

Checks Outstanding                           none

Adjusted balance                             $6,804.69

Checkbook balance                         $6,804.69

Petty Cash                                           $   131.00

Pay Pal                                                  $     94.56

+ petty cash Funds Available        $7,030.25


117 members on roster


Ed Lishka AC9SD moved to approve, Leo Ribordy N9NBH seconded.  So Moved.


Public Service:


Rob Glowacki N9MVO notified MS Walk will take place at Harper College Sunday May 1st.  We have initiated our offer to support the event and will expect to hear response shortly.



 John Zietlow K9WIC reported scheduled event May 15th with details to follow.



Rob Glowacki N9MVO will plan to move our Wires-X machine to the pump house and bench our 440 equipment during a future Construction Project to perform receiver de-sense analysis and calibration if needed.

Construction Project (CP):


Don Dewar KD9NJR has been hosting our CP events and Bob Zuttermeister W9GEW has now offered (as mentioned during our most recent event) he is willing to Chair CP once he can convince additional members to provide support.

VE Testing:


John Shofield AC9JS reported there is currently one candidate scheduled for the next session March 5th.



Barry K9FMB Net Chairman reported our Nets continue to be well attended and we’re still requiring a permanent host for the second Tuesday of the month.

 Radio Hill Gazette RHG: 

 Mike K9KMV No Report.

Recurring Calendar:


No action items other than need for Radio Hill Gazette (RHG) articles are submitted to Mike K9KMV.


No report.



Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Publicity Chair has received support from our membership in helping us establish a Social Media presence.  Planning will include content, administration, and Board Approval procedure for media postings.


John KD9KSH wished to express thanx to Barry Friedman W9FMB for consolidating our memberships’ NET attendance.  Drawing held for two winners and resulting 1-Year paid Membership is awarded to:

  • Mike Griffiths K9KMV
  • Charlene Treve K9CMZ


 Leo N9NBH discussed potential for course offering in September.


 Program tonight was presented virtually by ARRL Section Manager Thom Beebe W9RY.  Thom reviewed current events within ARRL, FCC, industry equipment offerings, and entertained several questions from our membership.  He additionally noted the ARRL Board approved a special Lifetime Membership rate for Hams over 70-years old with details to become known once the Board has finished program details.

John Zietlow K9WIC mentioned plans for April’s Presentation will be a Round-Table discussion regarding shack equipment/operations.  May will feature photos and/or videos of several members’ installations.

Old Business:


Don Dewar’s KD9NJR QSL program for non-member NET attendee acknowledgement was previously approved and organization efforts are now underway.

New Business: 


Special Events committee has potential initiation with Dirk Smith’s W0RI guidance.  Items such as special Forest Preserve reservations and extra events not covered by regular committee management will be administered by this new committee.


Adjourn: 7:45PM.


Submitted February 18, 2022.  Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary