Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting May 4th, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting May 4, 2022

Ed Lishka AC9SD Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Ed Lishka  AC9SD Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK John Douglas  KD9KSH
John Zietlow K9WIC John Schofield AC9JS Barry Friedman K9FMB
Danny Kafka KD9HIL Cliff Sowka K9QD John Scrip  N9IJS

Secretary’s Report

Cliff Sowka K9QD:  John Schofield AC9JS moved to approve the April BOD Minutes as published in the RHG.  John Douglas KD9KSH seconded. So Moved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Barry Friedman K9FMB provides the following:

Month:                                                                 May 2022

Checkbook Balance 31-Mar                          $6,856.11

INCOME MEMO                                                $      0.00

DISBURSEMENTS MEMO                               $    62.82

ACH 6-Apr AT&T                                               $    62.82

Checks Outstanding

Deposit not included

Account Balance                                               $6,793.29

30-Apr Bank Statement                                 $6,793.29

Checks Outstanding

Adjusted balance                                             $6,793.29

30-Apr Checkbook balance                           $6,793.29

Petty Cash 30-Apr                                            $   151.00

Pay Pal 30-Apr                                                   $   165.48

+petty cash – special accounts                     $7,109.77


120 members on roster


Holding $100 donation from Bob Zuttermeister pending collection of remaining funds from

J-Pole antenna construction project. Will add to ledger when collected and receipt issued.

Barry reports the internal Audit was finished even though we don’t have complete records for the January 2021 close; therefore the completion is based on the completed 11-month audit.

Ed Lishka AC9SD moved the completed Audit reflect the timeframe of February 2021 to the end of December 2021.  Dennis KD9HIK seconded.  So moved.

Public Service 

 Rob Glowacki N9MVO not present.  The SARC team arrived on-time and properly in place for the Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk.


 John Zietlow K9WIC reported SARC volunteer radio support for the May 15th ChicagoLand Marathon is confirmed.  There will be a ZOOM Meeting on Monday May 9th at 7:45PM to review the Operations Plan. The SET exercise has been apparently postponed.


Repeater Committee began installing the club’s equipment for Wires-X at the Barrington Road facility and finds there are configuration challenges with ‘Room’ Assignments.  Additional programming will be accomplished to bring the system up.


Construction Project (CP)

Cliff Sowka K9QD reports the Squalo and J-Pole builds were accomplished.  Bob Zuttermeister W9GEW has graciously offered to donate funds collected to cover his shop fee required for the J-Pole build to our Field Day budget.

Dennis KD9HIK earlier confirmed we’ll be able to re-connect our currently dormant Construction Project (CP) facility’s VHF antenna and/or upgrade Dual-Band capability with proper Code-Compliant transmission line access to the basement.  A recent management change within the Park District will require us to re-establish proper local facility relationships to allow our antenna installation be completed sometime this summer.

Don Dewar KD9NJR plans to organize Fox Hunting equipment build to include ‘tape measure Yagi’ as well as active attenuator for member’s use.  More details expected soon.

VE Testing

 John Schofield AC9JS reports the next examination date is May 7, 2022.  There are no candidates at the moment.

John Schofield

Session Manager



 Barry Friedman K9FMB reports Nets continue to be well attended.  We are in need of a host for the second Tuesday of the month TechNet.

Radio Hill Gazette RHG 

 Mike K9KMV No Report.


We’re in need of a Membership Chair.  Recruiting efforts continue.


Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Publicity Chairman and John Scrip N9IJS presented DRAFT COPY of a comprehensive Internal/External Communications Policy:

Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Publicity and Internal / External Communication Policy

  1. The Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club (SARC) uses a variety of internal and external communication methods to its members, the general public, and specific audiences, including but not limited to:
    1. Amateur Radio Nets using radio transmission in compliance with FCC Regulations.
    2. Amateur Radio Nets augmented by non-radio transmission such as the Internet.
    3. Email reflector traffic using ‘sarc-all’, ‘sarc-bd’, ‘sarc-google groups’ or other message groups as authorized by the SARC Board of Directors.
    4. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin or other sites authorized by the SARC Board of Directors.
    5. Publicity releases to newspapers, radio stations, television stations, or other media outlets.
    6. Printed announcements or informational documents made available for distribution at events where SARC is an authorized participant, or for posting in public locations such as schools, recreation centers, public safety agencies, or governmental agency bulletin boards.
    7. Other communications as may be defined by the SARC Board of Directors.
  2. All external and internal SARC communications shall comply with the following:
    1. Control of access to communication means are the exclusive property of SARC and subject to guidelines as outlined by the SARC Board of Directors.
    2. The primary intent of any SARC communication is to promote the Art and Science of Amateur Radio as defined by Part 97, Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart A – General Provisions, 97.1, “Basis and purpose”.
    3. Communications, including text of images, shall not include or refer to topics regarding religion, politics, inflammatory topics, sexual innuendo, racist, defamatory, or discriminatory language.
    4. Communications shall be limited to non-commercial, not for profit with the following exceptions:
      1. Private sale or exchange of amateur radio related equipment shall be permitted.
      2. Information about sale of surplus, donated equipment or assistance in disposal of estate owned equipment shall be permitted, AND
      3. Such sales will be via open outcry auction, AND
      4. In compliance with FCC regulations, pricing will not be allowed on radio transmissions.
    5. Communications outlined In Sections 1D, 1E, 1F, and 1G stated above may be submitted by SARC members in good standing, for review and approval by at least of two members of the Board of Directors. Lack of response from a Board member shall not be construed as withholding approval.
    6. Submission for review and approval shall be by email to ‘sarc-bd’, presentation at a Board of Directors meeting, presentation at a General Business meeting, or other means deemed suitable by the Board.
    7. Any member of the Board of Directors shall have the authority to withhold approval for communications submitted for review and approval.
    8. If any Board member withholds approval of material submitted for review and approval, the Board of Directors may, at its sole discretion, consider said communications at a closed meeting of the Board, where a vote by the Board can approve said communications by a simple majority vote of the Board members present.

John K9WIC moved the Board of Directors accept Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Publicity and Internal/External Communication Policy.  John Schofield AC9JS seconded.  So Moved.


Summer Picnic July 23rd Noon ~ 4PM.

John Douglas KD9KSH reserved a facility in Bartlett called the Log Cabin.  Our summer picnic is set for Saturday July 23rd.  Event will be Noon~4PM.  It may be possible to include Fox Hunt activity during the picnic.  Planning for food and refreshment will be discussed as we get closer to July.


Leo N9NBH not present.


 John Zietlow K9WIC reports there is presentation set for the May Business Meeting.

Old Business



New Business

Field Day: Danny Kafka KD9HIL has received commitment for one portable generator.  Permit Application for the Plum Grove Road Pump house has been submitted to Public Works.

Food coordination for Friday night set-up, Saturday evening meal, and Sunday morning breakfast.

  • Maybe do the pizza thing again this year for Friday night set-up.
  • John K9WIC, Barry K9FMB, and Leo N9NBH will assist with the Saturday evening meal.
  • Cliff K9QD will figure-out something for Sunday morning breakfast.

Staffing for a Welcome Table needs to be determined for the entrance to the site, as well as Security, Safety Officer, Literature (Scott KB9VRW will send his inventory to Danny), club information display, tent flags (Bob W9GEW), and qualified tower climbers (maybe Geoff Stevens KA9QGH again this year?).  Also need to be on the lookout for a pallet to hold the generator from sinking into the ground.

  • CW Captain will be Bob McIntyre W9DXR
  • SSB tent needs captain (Mike Clodfelter’s AC9CG tent from last year is in pump house storage)
  • GOTA tent managed by Bob Zuttermeister W9GEW
  • Leo N9NBH will collect HF equipment stored at Schaumburg PD
  • Tables & Chairs from Tennis Club basement same as in the past

Danny suggested pump house storage status be checked directly after Maxfield’s Breakfast this coming Saturday.

Dirk Smith W0RI has proposed organizing a SARC-Sponsored HamFest.  John K9WIC moved the discussion be tabled due to lack of details such as a business plan, security, insurance, facility.  Ed Lishka seconded.  So Moved.

 Adjourn 8:41PM.

 Submitted May 5, 2022  Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary