March 24, 2018
by Dave Sims K9KBM (Copied from Ad) When was the last time you used a radio you had built? The BITX40 board is a two board, 40 meter SSB transceiver module kit with digital control! Inside an evening, you can be on-air with this digital SSB transceiver, chatting with the local gang or chasing DX … Continue reading "BITX40 SSB Kit"

VE Testing

March 23, 2018
John Shofield provided the following report:  Results March 3rd, 2018 Name Call Class Walgenbach, Neil E. AC9SK Extra Chen, Hao KD9KLX Technician Richier, Taylor L. KD9KLY Technician Bizon, Bartlomiej KD9KLZ Technician   Class   Technician 3 General 0 Extra 1 Total 4 Next examination date: April 7th, 2018 All of us at SARC would like … Continue reading "VE Testing"

Miscellaneous Updates

March 23, 2018
Construction Project   Gary N9VU Next CP meeting will be Saturday, April 14th and 28th from 8am till noon. Location is at the Schaumburg Tennis Plus, 1416 Payne Rd, Schaumburg, IL EMCOMM  Bob Langsfeld WB9TZC Leo N9NBH reported exercise of the Sunday night Net and the Peoria-based ARES 3.905 MHz test 4:30PM conducted for all districts … Continue reading "Miscellaneous Updates"

From the President

March 23, 2018
I am always thoroughly impressed when I hear the attendance numbers for the construction project. Very often above 20. This is great. It’s unfortunate that my schedule doesn’t allow me to make it to them very often. I also enjoy the photos from the construction project that show up on SARC All from time to … Continue reading "From the President"