Dues to Increase

March 15, 2023
SARC’s Annual Dues have remained stable for more than 20-years. Our club has operated efficiently over these many years by requiring dues of $25 yearly ($20 for over 65). Based upon the projected operating expense increases, the Board has voted to raise our Annual Dues beginning next July. -Excerpt from the July 2022 Board Meeting … Continue reading "Dues to Increase"

Guide to Renewing Your Licensefe

February 3, 2023
John AC9JS of our VE testing team recently had to renew a license. The process is completed on-line through the FCC’s web site. John has documented, step by step what needs to be done to renew your license. View the guide

New Ham Net Wednesdays

January 29, 2023
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm – K9IIK Repeater 145.230 MHz, -600 kHz input, PL 107.2 Hz This net is for new hams to participate in a net setting while working on confidence and getting over mic fright. If this interests you but you are unable to check in due to problems with your radio, contact Don … Continue reading "New Ham Net Wednesdays"