WA9BLP Tower Project

The club recently helped Ray WA9BLP refurbish his tower, antennas and shack. A full write up can be found in the March 2018 RHG. Kevin K9AAB provided this video documenting the process.

From the President

Some exciting things have happened relating to our new web site. It is proving to be a great tool for communicating our events, and for showing others who may be interested in the club what we do. I urge all of you to help us keep things fresh on the web site. It’s fairly easy. Just send any pictures or notes about any ham related activities that you’re taking part in to myself, or use the Submit an Article link at the bottom of our web site. The more pictures the better, so make sure you take a few when you’re at SARC in the Park or one of the upcoming public service events.

Because of the ease at which we can now  update the web site, we’re also making some changes to the RHG. The role of the RHG will be pared back to cover only club business such as meeting minutes and election notifications as well as a letter from the President. You’ll continue to see it posted on our web site. The articles that used to make up parts of the RHG will now be posted right on the front page of the web site as they are submitted. This helps us keep the content on the web page fresh. Everyone is still invited to submit content for the RHG. You can use the link at the bottom of our web site, or send articles to the RHG editor. If you’re suggesting that we re-publish an article from another site, please secure permission from the author before submitting it. We will also monitor SARC All for interesting discussions as was the case with Battery Size for Portable Operation and RF Tornado Detection, 1959, which both came from SARC All.

Websites Recommended by Club Members

Each month we present a new list of websites that club members find interesting. We’ll share these with you.   If you find something of interest that’s Ham Radio, or technology related, ie electronics, science, engineering, computers, kit building etc, please feel free to send submission to Mike K9KQX.

ARRL Repurposes AM Transmitter for HAM Radio Use – Thanks to a joint effort by ARRL and the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut (VRCMCT), a classic Gates BC-1T AM broadcast transmitter will enjoy a second life on the Amateur Radio bands for occasional use under W1AW or under the ARRL Headquarters Operators Club call sign, W1INF

Stephen Hawking, Who Awed Both Scientist and the Public, Dies – There aren’t very many scientists who achieved rock star status. Stephen Hawking, who has died at the age of 76, family members told British media early Wednesday, was definitely a contender.