SARC in the Park Starts May 11

By Paul KD9FMN

Tonight, Howard ran another great [New Ham] net. The topic was on what to bring to a SARC in the PARK activity. I was asked to prepare a list of items that one needs to bring with them to have a successful QSO day. The list can be very short or quite extensive depending on the type of communications you want to do. The usual things such as a HAM radio, power source, an antenna, coax,  and coffee. For CW you need to bring your Key and perhaps a set of headphones. The simpler the set-up makes the day more enjoyable. KISS!

I have found that the ARRL has a very good list of items needed for POTA activations, another site is here
I hope this helps those of us that are new to outdoor activations and spurs more members to come to our first SARC in the PARK on May 11, 2024 at the Schaumburg CRC facility at 505 N. Springinsguth Road, Schaumburg, IL.


This article originated as a discussion on our mailing list SARC-All.